Our Response

Last Thursday our Supreme Court made a decision that no one can honestly predict the enormous impact it could have on our lives, families, churches, nation, and world. God’s definition of marriage, the one who created, detailed, and gave it to us, has been tossed out and a new one defined. To say that massive consequences are not ahead would be to blindly ignore both Biblical and historical precedence. But more important than what happened last week, is this. How should we respond? As shared on Sunday, here is THE GATHERING’s response.

At THE GATHERING Church, we completely believe in and seek to model God’s design for marriage. That it is for a man and woman to come together in God’s eyes as husband and wife. We stand on the only source of absolute truth, the Word of God, the Holy Scriptures and passionately teach not only God’s blueprint for marriage and family but also His definition of sin. At the same time we are committed to being loving, accepting, and compassionate to everyone, including those who disagree with us. We believe in respecting the dignity of every person created in God’s image and that all of us need God’s grace and forgiveness. (Great resource – How to respond Biblically to homosexuality and same sex marriage)


In light of this dramatic turn in a nation that once was Christian, be encouraged to respond like Daniel. Love those in authority over you and those who disagree with Biblical principle but stand on and speak the truth in love. (Eph. 4:15) Pray fervently while pursuing an intimate relationship with Jesus that is real and personal. Then, look at what God says is wrong and right. See it clearly and live that way…do what He says.


Finally, seize the opportunity God has given us to truly display who He is through us in reaching a lost generation. Excited about this Sunday and Jesus!