Childcare Reimbursement

Childcare Reimbursement

Community Group Childcare Reimbursement

Childcare Reimbursment

Community Groups are at the core of who we are as a church. As THE GATHERING grows larger in our weekend worship services, we must also grow smaller at the same time through our Community Groups. Since our Community Groups are for adults only, we understand that childcare for parents might be an obstacle for participation, so we have decided to reimburse parents for childcare costs incurred as a result of participating in a Community Group. We want to remove any obstacles that can keep you from participating in group life. All you need to do is fill out the form below.

This form must be submitted no later than 48 hours after childcare was provided.

  • Only one form can be submitted a week.
  • This form must only be submitted for childcare expenses incurred for your participation in a TGC Community Group.
  • We do reserve the right to follow up with you and/or your Community Group leader about your group participation.
  • Checks will be mailed weekly to the individual and address that you submit.