Move Day is Here!

Here is a brief overview of the exciting happenings going on this weekend! The Clean-Up THIS Saturday  |  April 8  |  8:30a Plan now to join the fun and help get ready for our guests on Easter Sunday by participating in a major housecleaning at our new campus. We will be cleaning everything, inside and […]

Prayers for Bible Reading (4 of 4)

Luke 24:45: Open My Eyes to Jesus This is another way of praying that God would open our eyes to wonder, just with more specificity. The works of God stand as marvelous mountain ranges in the Bible, but the highest peak, and the most majestic vista, is the person and work of his Son. As […]

Prayers for Bible Reading (3 of 4)

James 1:22: Make Me a Doer of Your Word Pray that God, having opened your eyes to wonder and reminded you of the sufficiency of his grace, would produce genuine change in your life. Ask him to allow the seeds from Scripture to bear real, noticeable fruit in tangible acts of sacrificial love for others. […]

Prayers for Bible Reading (2 of 4)

Luke 18:38: Have Mercy on Me Pray, like the blind man begging roadside, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!” For as long as we are in this life, sin encumbers every encounter with God in his word. We fail friends and family daily—and even more, we fail God. So it is fitting to […]

Prayers for Bible Reading (1 of 4)

When we open our Bibles to read, we’re never alone. The Holy Spirit hovers over and in the words of God, ready to stir our hearts, illumine our minds and redirect our lives, all for the glory of Christ (John 16:14). The Holy Spirit is the X factor in Bible reading, making an otherwise ordinary […]