FX (Family Experience)

FX (Family Experience)

FX is a high energy, multi-media stage experience designed to promote good character! Planned with the entire family in mind we present hilarious drama, fun dancing, powerful videos, interactive games and meaningful songs to illustrate the specific virtue we’re celebrating each month. Parents and kids are encouraged to sing and dance and laugh along with what’s going on. Join us each month as we learn about the significant impact that virtues have in our lives! Come enjoy free food. See you there!!

FX is on the last Wednesday of every month at 6:15p.



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At FX, your family can include your immediate family members, grandparents, babysitters, and friends … anyone who feels like family to you. Our definition of family includes anyone and everyone who cares deeply about being a significant voice in the lives of the next generation.
What is the age range?
The worship and teaching at FX is mainly geared toward elementary age children. That’s not to say preschoolers and students can’t enjoy it too! 
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It’s an hour full of fun games, thought provoking videos, energetic worship music, engaging dancing, and a belly full of laughs!