Thanks For Visiting!

Thanks For Visiting!

Thank you for choosing to worship with us on Sunday morning! Our goal as a church is to connect people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and we are excited and honored to be a part of that for you. 

What’s next?

Every Sunday, you have the opportunity to jump onto the Growth Track, a four-step process designed to help you take your next steps with The Gathering as well as deepen you relationship with God. When you are ready to take your next steps with The Gathering this is where we suggest you start. For additional information on Growth Track click the image below.


Suggested Listening

We have an enormous back-catalog of messages on our Messages page and you may not know where to begin. Fear not, the message below is a great place to start! From January 1, 2017, this message captures much of the vision of the church, how God wants to make your year great and how you can start that process today!

I Have Decided – Randy Fields


Another great place to start listening is with the most recent sermon series. Many of our Community Groups use the Sunday morning messages as a starting point for discussion in their time together. So catching up with a few of the most recent messages can potentially help you connect with people you meet on your next visits.


God bless you and we’ll see you next week!