6 Foundations

6 Foundations

There are six foundations of a fully developing follower for Jesus Christ. We’ve come to realize that success is about taking steps that connect us with God and each other.  What’s your next step?


Following Jesus is foundational and a lifelong journey. When Jesus gives us a new life, our new self is revealed over time. God isn’t surprised when we mess up.

God wants us to connect with a local church. THE GATHERING provides 2 opportunities on Sundays for you to worship and hear practical teaching that is relevant to your life.

Community is developed with people doing life together through a Bible Study, prayer, serving others, or having a whole lot of fun.

Giving financially is training your heart to take God at His word and to serve others. When we “bring back” a part of what is already His, He promises to bless the rest. We just can’t out give God. Your giving enables environments for worship, touches the heart of a child or student, keeps the electricity running, propels our Vision forward, supports missions, and so much more.



Joining a team is getting outside yourself. When you do, you begin to get a glimpse of something much bigger and make forever friends along the way.


Investing in someone’s life and inviting them to come hear about Jesus in a clear and compelling way is huge! How do you say you care any better than that?