I’ve been a follower of Christ and pastor for a long time. I’ve seen just about every struggle, pain, and chaos one could imagine. I’ve watched God do miracles, provide beyond any expectation, and radically change the lives of countless numbers of people. And through it all there remains one thing that baffles me the most. It’s our propensity to take God’s word so lightly even to the point of never even getting close to the life He intended us to live.

The Bible says, “They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly.” (2 Timothy 3:5) It’s choosing to do life on our own, to literally deny an all-powerful God the opportunity to live in and through us. I agree with Robert Morris when he says, “No Christian is immune to the temptation to turn something that has the life and breath of God on it into lifeless religion.” There’s got to be something better, something more and there is.

Beginning this Sunday we’re gonna’ dive into some sensitive stuff that is definitely not your typical Christmas series. What has me both broken and dripping with anticipation is that it has a very real potential to set us all free once and for all. Free to live, to breathe, and win like never before. My utmost prayer is that each one of us, including myself, will choose life and not reject any of God’s power but receive every ounce of it.