Like you, my heart was broken over the tragedy in Paris last Friday.  My first response was one of hurt and empathy for the families of those killed and injured. Then I experienced anger over the senseless act of murder.  Next it was the emotions of when and where will this happen in America?

Jesus promised the trials and tribulations would increase as the end times approached.  A quick glance at the headlines on any given morning will validate that prophecy.  Nobody knows when this world will end as we know it but there is something we do know.  God has a plan.

That plan is the same as it was in the days of Moses and Abraham.  It’s God’s plan of redemption.  Even in the midst of such dangerous times and horrific acts of terrorism, God still is distracted most by those that don’t know Him.  I find that both amazing and so like our Heavenly Father.  I also am completely blown away that He would invite you and I to be key players in His strategy.

My hope and prayer is this.  May a broken and savage filled world see the Son of God and all He is reigning in me and those I have the highest privilege of serving  with.

“Come close to God and God will come close to you.”  James 4:8