Because I Want To Love God His Way…

  • I will purpose to always please Him first
  • I will seek to invite every person I know and/or come in contact with that is not connected with a church or God to come experience Him with me
  • I will choose to grow spiritually by growing relationally with other believers in a Community Group
  • I will participate in, promote, and practice the 4 dynamic steps of Growth Track
  • I will obey God by bringing back the tithe, giving offerings, and practicing generosity with others consistently
  • I will love my church by faithfully attending, participating in, and serving
  • I will choose daily not to “re-decide” (change) any Biblical values, convictions, or life habits I’ve made based on my feelings, other options, or what culture or anybody else says. I choose to put God first.

This Sunday is going to be unbelievable!! Make plans now to be there and to bring somebody with you.